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Why should I buy a BillieRack?
Answer: The BillieRack system is unique to the market. We are the only sports rack manufacturer that offers a full rack system that easily rolls your bikes, gear and equipment to you.  Our patent pending design makes it much faster and easier to manage your gear and cargo in the back of your truck. Best of all, our rack system takes up only half of your pick-up bed and can easily be rotated out of the way when you need to use your full truck bed. This gives you flexibility in how you manage your cargo and the ability to keep your rack installed and still have full use of your truck bed whenever you need it.

I have an older Ford 150 how do I know your rack will fit in my truck?

Answer: Our standard rack system is designed to fit truck beds with lengths between 5.5’ and 8’.  If your truck bed is outside of those dimensions give us a call and we can discuss our custom rack options.

I have a pick-up bed liner installed in my truck; will a BillieRack system still work?

Answer: Yes, the BillieRack system is designed with truck bed liners in mind. We have incorporated various ways to adjust the BillieRack system to account for the height variations caused by after-market bed liners.  If you have issues installing your rack, call our support line and we will walk you through the process.

All of this sounds great. How do I buy a BillieRack?
Answer: We manufacture and distribute our racks in Idaho. The best way for you to order a rack is through this website or call our sales team at 1-800-301-3807.  

What’s the best way to get a BillieRack installed?
Answer: The BillieRack system is designed to be customer installable. Each rack ships with an easy to follow assembly and installation guide. We also offer an installation video on our website in the Support section.  These tools were designed to simplify installation by clearly walking the installer through each step of the process.  However, we do understand some customers don’t feel comfortable installing accessories onto their truck or simply don’t want to. Most truck accessory dealers, sports rack dealers, RV dealers and auto mechanics offer sports rack mounting services.  Our enclosed installation guide or our web-based video should be all they need to quickly install your rack.  

Do you have a local dealer where I can see a BillieRack?
Answer: BillieRack is sold directly from us to our customers. The best way to see a BillieRack is on our website where we have many pictures, videos and customer testimonials. We also offer a 15 day no risk return policy. If you order it and don’t like it for any reason you may return it within 15 days with no penalty. All returns must follow the return policy procedures. Click here for more information about our return policy and procedures.

It looks like the BillieRack comes in silver and black, can you customize colors?  
Answer: Right now we offer the silver and black combination. For orders over 10 units we will consider custom colors. Please call our sales department 1-800-301-3807 and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

It looks like the BillieRack does a nice job handling bikes and miscellaneous cargo. What other frame attachments do you offer?
Answer: We offer a wide range of cargo and sports accessories. For a complete list please click here

I like that the BillieRack system has a standalone cargo carrier accessory. How much weight can you carry on the cargo carrier?
Answer: The BillieRack cargo carriers are built from USA 9 gauge expanded metal and are very strong. The large cart top will support up to 125lbs if the weight is distributed evenly across the carrier.


The BillieRack “Always On” brake system seems unique to the industry how does it actually work?
Answer: The patent pending “Always On” brake is designed to provide continuous outward motion braking anywhere along the guide rail. The brake is designed this way to ensure the rack does not move towards the users unless the brake is disengaged. The brake is easily disengaged by depressing a standard bike brake lever. The brake system does not need to be released when you roll it back into the truck making it faster and easier to load your gear.

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