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The patent pending BillieRack system is a highly flexible sports and cargo rack developed for truck beds 5’6” and longer.  BillieRack’s rolling rack system is designed to safely roll in and out past the tailgate of a pick-up, making it much faster and easier to load and unload bikes, cargo and equipment.             

BillieRack comes in two frame sizes the BX and the BXL .  The BX-26 is based on a 26" x 60” frame that’s designed to hold up to 2 bikes and cargo. The BXL-32 is 32” x  60” and designed to hold up to 3 bikes and a larger amount of cargo. Start with one of the base BillieRacks, or choose a pre-configured cargo rack. Either way you can add more capability down the road as you need it.  

BX Series BXL Series
BillieRack BX-26 Series
(BillieRack's 26" wide rack system)
*shown with optional accessories and model bikes
BillieRack BXL-32
(BillieRack's 32" wide rack system)
*shown with CX-32 cargo carrier and model cargo

The possibilities of the BillieRack are a big as your imagination. Below you will find our standard rack products and some examples of popular configurations. Choose a rack today and start managing and retrieving the gear in the back of your truck faster and easier.

billie rack bike rack
Goat Note: The BillieRack system was designed to be compatible with Yakima’s snap around connectors.  This provides compatibility with Yakima accessories allowing you to mount a broad range of sports equipment ( skis, snowboards, kayaks etc).

Base Rack Systems

BX-26 Product Line

BX-32 Product Line

standard billierack with optional wheel mount

BX-26 Base Rack

*shown with optional frame fork mount
BillieRack BXL

BXL-32 Base Rack

shown with optional frame fork mounts

BillieRack BX

BillieRack BXL

Preconfigured Systems

Preconfigured Cargo Systems

standard optional 55"

BillieRack CX-26
(BillieRack’s BX-26 base rack with CX-26 Cargo Carrier)
*shown with optional frame fork mount
BillieRack CXL

BillieRack CX-32

(BillieRack's BXL Frame with CX-32 Cargo Carrier)

*shown with option bike fork mounts

BillieRack CL

BillieRack CXL

Popular ways to use and configure your BillieRack

BX-26 & CX-26
bx rack
BillieRack BX-26 with 2 Bikes
bx rack
BillieRack BX-26 with bike &
cargo carrier
bx rack
BillieRack BX-26 with CX-26cargo
carrier & camping gear
bx rack
BillieRack BXL with 3 bicycles
bx rack
BillieRack BXL with cargo carrier
& hunting gear
bx rack
BillieRack BXL with bike and cargo carrier

billie racks
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